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Don’t Buy the Narrative on Ukraine

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Dear Reader,Like my own note of warning at the beginning of the war, Katya Sedgwick’s essay yesterday was a cautionary reminder that both sides of any conflict, and even sides not officially involved, are fighting a propaganda war in addition to the combat on the ground. Of trying to sift accurate reporting from the fog of war, Sedgwick writes, “I get the impression that the news stories are written by the same types who spent decades telling me, a Jew from Soviet Ukraine, that I am a Russian. Now that they have found Ukraine on the map, they are equally confident in the feel-good narrative they are concocting.”

Contributing editor Sohrab Ahmari’s column this week was a sober look at the protests in Iran, a subject obviously important to him. Ahmari asks Iranian liberals excited by the prospect of another revolution to answer two fundamental political questions, namely, “Who would you have rule us?” and “What principle of unity and continuity do you propose?” Americans should know better than anyone, rule by the people is excellent in theory, but it also demands the selection of particular governing officials in practice. Who would those be for a future Iran?

And Delano Squires of the Heritage Foundation had an opinion piece with TAC this week focused on a similar theme of theory and practice. While figures such as David French propose a neutral public square, such a thing has never existed in reality: someone’s worldview and values, someone’s theology, will always shape cultural norms. That is why they are called norms. Squires not only argues that sort of politics is a losing one that can’t adequately protect robust religious liberty, but also—looking around at the cultural norms being pushed on us—says we have to call it what it is, “Drag Queen Conservatism.”

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Don’t Buy the Narrative on Ukraine

The Western party line about a struggling Russia and a resilient Ukraine overlooks hard realities.

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Iran’s liberal opposition must be able to answer a basic question: who would you have rule us?

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