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Freedom News Digest: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6, 2022 America’s Last President

In order fully to protect the achievements of the workers’ and peasants’ revolution, the Russian Socialist Federated Republic declares it to be the duty of all the citizens of the Republic to protect their Socialist country and introduces conscription. The honorable right to defend the revolution by force of arms is bestowed only on the workers. Non-working elements have to carry out other military duties.
Constitution of the U.S.S.R. [1924]


October 6, 2022

America’s Last President
Two commonly asked questions regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are: (1) Why would the Pentagon and the CIA want to assassinate Kennedy in order to elevate Vice-President Lyndon Johnson to the presidency? and (2) What difference does the JFK assassination make today? A new book, which I highly recommend, is America’s Last President: What the World Lost When …

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Lessons for Americans of Putin’s Conscription
by Jacob G. Hornberger and
Richard M. Ebeling
Future of Freedom Foundation
Ukraine Pays the Price for Great Power Tantrums
by David D’Amato
Clarity on NATO Expansion and Russia, More Than 10 Years Ago
by Stephen F. Cohen
Scheer Post
Our Strangelovian National Security Class
by Rod Dreher
American Conservative
Has the C.I.A. Done More Harm Than Good?
by Amy Davidson Sorkin
New Yorker
Taking America’s Rights Seriously
by Andrew P. Napolitano
Washington Times
Censors Panic As Musk About To Purchase Twitter
by Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams
Ron Paul Institute
No, Hurricane Ian Will Not ‘Fuel the Economy’
by Jeff Jacoby
Boston Globe
Economic Truths, Perennially Forgotten
by William B. Briggs
Law & Liberty
Patrick Henry: Jury Trials Are the “Last and Best Privilege”
by TJ Martinell
Tenth Amendment Center


Drug Decriminalization Disaster
by Laurence M. Vance
Critics are calling Oregon’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act a failure. According to Oregon’s ABC affiliate KATU: “Oregon still has …
Thank Joe Biden for Your COVID-Positive Nurse
by James Bovard
If you pick up a COVID infection during your next visit to a hospital or medical office, maybe send a thank-you card to President …
Libertarianism and the Pandemic
by Jacob G. Hornberger
How has the government’s response to the COVID pandemic affected liberty of the American people? FFF president …
The Government’s War on Political Freedom
by John W. Whitehead
Discredit, disrupt, and destroy. That is how the government plans to get rid of activists and dissidents who stand in its way. This has…
Vouchers Are Not the Answer
by Laurence M. Vance
The deadly shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, earlier this year has Americans once again focusing on the dangers of the gun-free …
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