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Rising: October 5, 2022 Full Show-Dem advantage with Latinos DOWN BY HALF since 2012, voters side with GOP on crime, economy

Staff Writer at The Hill, Rafael Bernal, weighs in on new polling showing the Democratic advantage among Latino voters declining from prior election cycles.

Advisor at Decision Desk HQ, Scott Tranter, breaks down on a new NewsNation-Decision Desk HQ poll, including voters’ thoughts on 2024 candidates, and issues such as inflation, Covid, and the War in Ukraine.

Editor-in-Chief of Pirate Wires, Mike Solana, discusses Elon Musk’s proposal in court that would see him purchase Twitter for $54.20 per share, under the same terms set all the way back in April.

The relationship between tobacco companies and retailers is a key component to the prevention of underage access and use of tobacco products. Working together, tobacco companies and retailers are implementing safeguards for broadscale adoption and implementation to achieve crucial underage prevention goals. We speak with Jennifer Hunter, Senior Vice President of Corporate Citizenship for Altria Client Services to discuss what is being done to achieve these important underage prevention goals.

Senior editor at Reason, Elizabeth Nolan Brown, weighs in on the latest details surrounding the death of an LAPD officer who was killed during the job training in May. The officer’s family is now suggesting a murder occurred.

New reporting by The Lever has linked how Wall Street is behind the water crisis in Jackson, Miss. Reporter at The Lever, Matthew Cunningham-Cook, discusses his findings with Robby Soave.

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis weighs in on operators of Nord Stream, the network of the Baltic Sea gas pipelines that linked Russia and Germany until they both leaked last week, who have said that authorities are not allowing them to inspect damaged pipelines, according to Reuters.

Movement lawyer, Olayemi Olurin, weighs in on the death of alleged kidnapping victim 15-year-old Savannah Graziano, who was shot and killed as she ran towards police officers.


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