American Decline

Is the US going full Banana Republic mode?

By Jose Nino

The United States is reaching a breaking point.

There are some knuckleheads out here who have bought into the American exceptionalism meme.

They think that the country can’t descend into chaos and that it will be around for centuries to come.

This type of conceit is most apparent among the ruling class.

Such arrogance was also prevalent in Ancient Rome, the greatest civilization of its respective epoch.

Many saw Rome lasting forever.

However, internal corruption, barbarian invasions, economic decline, and cultural degeneracy had something to say.

By the 5th century AD, Rome was a shell of its former self.

The US finds itself in a similar boat currently.

Sure, it’s the premier superpower. However, it’s reaching hard limits on power projection abroad, its border is getting constantly overrun by illegal alien invaders, its national debt is going through the roof…..

…and oh yeah, its political class is persecuting any meaningful opposition to the present ruling order.

Just ask Steve Bannon about the Banana Republicanization of US politics.

In a recent post I published at Substack, I detailed how the Deep State witchunt launched against Steve Bannon is a sign of massive institutional decline.

Please give it a read below:


José Niño

P.S. Things are only going to get crazier in Clown World USA. This makes sober analysis of the country’s political affairs all the more necessary.

My Substack, Jose Nino Unfiltered is one of the few paces where sane political perspectives and uncomfortable truths are shared.

You won’t find such content on the Idiot Box.

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