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Daily News: September 30, 2022 Is evangelical Christianity more a political culture than religion?

Joel  Mathis
Who’s to blame for the Nord Stream pipeline ‘sabotage’?
Harold  Maass
Why the polls may be getting the midterms wrong
Peter  Weber
Is evangelical Christianity more a political culture than religion?
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Should You Invest in This Tech Startup?
Peter  Weber
Trevor Noah announces exit from The Daily Show
Devika  Rao
Russia confirms illegal annexation of Ukraine territories
Theara  Coleman
Student loan forgiveness eligibility scaled back
Brendan  Morrow
What to watch in October
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This Tech Company is Expanding Nationwide
New York’s Hochul furthers plan to require zero-emission cars by 2035
Brigid Kennedy
Queen Elizabeth II died of ‘old age,’ death certificate says
Brendan Morrow
The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial is already getting the movie treatment
Brendan Morrow
More Russian men have now fled Putin’s draft than fought in Ukraine, U.K. military intelligence says
Peter Weber
The controversy over Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe movie Blonde, explained
Brendan Morrow
New evidence suggests presence of underground lake on Mars
September 30, 2022
6 seasons and a movie! A Community film is officially in the works
September 30, 2022
Russia announces illegal annexation of 4 Ukrainian territories
September 30, 2022
DOE scales back student loan forgiveness eligibility as Biden gets sued over plan
September 30, 2022

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