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Rising: September 29, 2022 Full Show-Hurricane Ian update: Floods put Florida UNDERWATER, MILLIONS without water

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave breakdown the latest updates on Hurricane Ian, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm after its winds weakened to 65 miles per hour this morning, according to ABC news.

Briahna Joy Gray makes the case that Americans have to get smarter about media criticism in its portrayal of workers and corporate elites.

Youtube recently removed a video of Italy’s incoming prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, in which she described her family-centric vision for the country in a 2019 speech. The platform put the video back up after inquiries were made about why the video was taken down. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that more than $12 billion in aid to Ukraine would be part of the Stopgap Spending Bill, a bill that funds the government into mid-December. This comes after the Biden administration requested that billions in funding be attached to the package for Ukraine. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss.

Craig Pasta Jardula, the Co-Host of AMWakeUP, discusses what is at stake in Brazil’s nearing presidential election.

The Department of Justice announced that more than 10 million fentanyl pills were seized in a months-long operation with law enforcement agencies. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave react.

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss varying reactions online to Lizzo playing James Madison’s 200-year-old crystal flute.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s net worth soared during the pandemic, according to a report from which received Fauci’s FY 2021 financial disclosures from the National Institutes of Health. Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss.

At the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health yesterday, President Joe Biden called out for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), seeming to forget that she passed away in a car accident last month. Briahna Hoy Gray and Robby Soave discuss.


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