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Morning News: September 26, 2022 Epoch Times- FBI Conducts Dawn Raid on Home of Catholic Pro-Life Speaker

“How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them.”
Constitutional Rights
FBI Conducts Dawn Raid on Home of Catholic Pro-Life Speaker
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FBI Raids Trump Resort

Special Master Hands Trump a Win—Here’s Why

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Did you know an estimated 5 million people have illegally crossed the southern border in the past 20 months?

5 million people is more than the total population of 6 small states. Ranchers who live on the border frequently find dead bodies on private properties. Plus, tons of fentanyl and other drugs are smuggled over the border, killing tens of thousands of Americans each year.

The Epoch Times’ new special report, The Border Crisis, shows the reality of living on the border, the human cost of unfettered illegal immigration, and how the border crisis affects the whole nation.

Get this essential report delivered to your home for FREE with a 2-month subscription to The Epoch Times for just $1.

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Epoch Cinema

Under the Skin | Documentary

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Food as Medicine

Honey Plus Coffee Beats Steroid For Treating Cough

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House Republicans Issue Warning to Former Top FBI Agent

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Vaccines & Safety

Leaked Video Shows What Really Happens with COVID Vaccines

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First Spacecraft to Hit Asteroid in Attempt to Alter Its Trajectory

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Chinese Regime

Xi’s Absence From Public Eye Ahead of Third Term Bid Fuels Speculation

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Meet the California Professor Who Hiked 500 Miles Across the Mojave Desert

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Facts Matter

Exposing the Communist Forces, Including China, Behind US Election Integrity Issues: Trevor Loudon | Facts Matter

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The Beau Show

James Taylor’s Sour Note

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Authentic Chinese Cuisine doesn’t come from a takeout box. It’s the legacy of thousands of years of culinary exploration, from a land that comprises countless regions and innovations. Flavor, texture, sauce, heat. Balance and harmony. Even color and sound. Everything plays a role. I will show you how to use basic salt to enrich the flavors of every dish. A whole world of new skills and flavor is open to you. Let’s go on a gourmet journey.
Roger L. Simon
Even More Than the Economy, 2022 Is the Fentanyl Election
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Gregory Copley
Putin’s Sudden Turning Point
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