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The Health Emergency Was Organized Large-Scale Financial Fraud

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Susan Standfield: The Health Emergency Was Organized Large-Scale Financial Fraud

Canadian activist Susan Standfield discusses the “pandemic” racket and how the so-called health emergency was highly organized and large-scale financial fraud. The English-speaking Western countries are the hardest hit by the looming financial collapse as the new and alternative financial system is being built in the East. She discusses the cashless society and believes Brexit may have triggered the pandemic. She is trying to raise millions in capital in order to assist the freedom community. She sees a return to manufacturing, populism, farming, and people rediscovering their nationhood.

ANALYSIS: The Ukraine War: Waiting for Nuclear Escalation

From the Kremlin’s perspective, the Donbass, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia will soon be treated as part of Russia, which means that Moscow could eventually decide to follow its military doctrine and use tactical nuclear weapons to strike Ukrainian military infrastructure.

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Was Covid a U.S. Biowarfare Attack Against the Multipolar World?

Since April 2020 Ron Unz has published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Now, Jeffrey Sachs, the Russian MoD, and others are making similar suggestions.

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Ron Unz on Covid & Biowarfare

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