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The Nation Weekly: September 23, 2022 Trump’s embrace of QAnon, social media surveillance, and more

“The crowd recognized the import of the moment, and began raising fingers in the air in what is apparently a QAnon salute,” Chris Lehmann writes of last week’s Trump rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

Trump’s embrace of these rally-goers demonstrates perhaps that the flamboyant cult of QAnon—which posits a worldwide cabal of powerful liberal pedophiles using state power to expand and conceal their predations—is not all that far afield from mainstream thinking in today’s evangelical right.

Trump’s Embrace of QAnon Realizes the Dream of the Religious Right
For evangelicals and conservative Christians, the former president’s cult-like rallies have placed their ritualized militancy at the center of American politics.
Chris Lehmann
The Prying Eyes of Social Media
The lack of regulation of online platforms puts our private lives up for sale.
Patricia J. Williams
We Need to Use the Word “Women” When Talking About Abortion
But we can’t let TERFs hijack the conversation. Luckily, there’s an easy solution!
Alexis Grenell
Does the NBA Deserve Becky Hammon?
The WNBA championship coach has left the NBA with egg on its face.
Dave Zirin
A Poet Confronts the Violent History of El Salvador
Christopher Soto’s Diaries of a Terrorist grapples with the the security ideology that shapes the Americas through poems that explore activism and resistance.
Danielle Mackey
Bhaskar Sunkara on Bernie in 2024, Plus Chris Lehmann on the “Brooks Brothers Riot”
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, The Nation’s president and its D.C. Bureau chief join the podcast for discussions on the democratic presidential bid and a Republican riot that preceded the Capitol insurrection by two decades.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Chris Lehmann on Ron DeSantis Using Migrants as Pawns
On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, a discussion of how the GOP’s immigration gambit might boomerang.
Jeet Heer

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