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An armed Trump supporter in a clown wig was arrested after allegedly storming into a Dairy Queen and vowing to ‘kill Democrats’

By Insider

  • A Pennsylvania man was detained after entering a Dairy Queen with a loaded gun.
  • The man reportedly told police that he wanted to “kill Democrats” and restore Trump to office.
  • A Facebook account that appears to belong to the man has a history of posting pro-Trump messages.

A Pennsylvania man who allegedly stormed into a Dairy Queen with a loaded gun and told police he was trying to “kill Democrats and liberals” is facing criminal charges, according to local reports.

Jan Stawovy, 61, was carrying a loaded handgun and additional ammo when he charged into the Dairy Queen in the tiny borough of Delmont, Pennsylvania on Saturday, according to CBS News Pittsburgh (KDKA). He wore a rainbow clown wig, and police claimed that he said he wanted to restore Trump to the presidency.

Police detained Stawovy and a search warrant led authorities to find more guns and ammo in his vehicle.

A Facebook account that appears to belong to Stawovy has shared multiple pro-Trump and far-right posts, including a link to a video about the “Deep State” and the “Great Awakening,” common refrains among adherents of the far-right conspiracy movement QAnon. The account also posted a message appearing to speculate there would be a civil war in 2024.


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