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Jose Nino’s Digest: September 21, 2022 The European Union Threatens to Withdraw Funding from Hungary for Allegedly Getting too Close to Putin, and more

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The European Union Threatens to Withdraw Funding from Hungary for Allegedly Getting too Close to Putin

The European Union is on the verge of punishing Hungary for its maintenance of relatively warm relations with Russia. Over the last few years, the EU has harassed Hungary for its nationalist policies on immigraton all the way to social values. It has…

Sep 21, 2022Big League Politics

After Failing to Change its Constitution, What’s Next for Chile?

On September 4, 2022, Chileans resoundingly voted down a new constitution by 62% to 38%. The constitutional proposal in question was progressive in nature and would have been a notable departure from the more market-oriented Constitution that the…

Sep 21, 2022Geopolitics & Empire

Russian President Vladimir Putin Announces Partial Military Mobilization

In a pre-recorded televised announcement that was released on September 21, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization for Russian citizens. In effect, the Russian state has put the people on a wartime footing…

Sep 21, 2022Big League Politics

Biden Regime Wants More Regulations on Cryptocurrencies

On September 16, 2022, the Biden regime announced that agencies of the United States government must crank up the pressure on the cryptocurrency sector. The Biden regime wants agencies to identify holes in cryptocurrency regulation and strengthen…

Sep 21, 2022Big League Politics

Seattle is Losing Police Officers as Crime Rate Rises

According to a report by 770 KTTH, Seattle is witnessing police officers leaving its police force left and right. “We’re screwed,” former King County Sheriff John Urqhart stated, per 770 KTTH. In addition, 770 KTTH reported that 122 officers have…

Sep 21, 2022Big League Politics

Liberals in the White City

Share The Martha’s Vineyard saga has been hilarious on so many levels, but underneath the memes and the jokes, this has exposed a massive chink in the armor of the nation’s most elite liberals. Behind the “hate has no home here” signs, under the…

Sep 20, 2022Substack

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