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Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 Distractions, Scapegoats, and Rot

The philosophical framework of the capitalist society requires a system of laws—a government—to assure that the life and property of individuals are safeguarded. The role of government in a capitalist society is to establish and execute laws designed to keep the peace. As Mill observed, attempts by any to deprive others of their freedom must be prevented, and the force of law is essential to this end. Government in the capitalist society is symbolized by the blindfolded goddess of justice. The rule of law equally protecting life and property is fundamental to the development of a capitalist society.
Robert G. Anderson, The Freeman [October 1979]


September 20, 2022
Distractions, Scapegoats, and Rot
Out-of-control federal spending. Decades-long monetary debasement. A never-ending violent and corrupt drug war. A perpetual deadly and destructive war on terrorism. A mind-destroying educational system. Bankrupt socialist welfare programs, including Social Security and Medicare. A highly regulated and controlled society. Vicious trade wars. A decades-old immigration crisis. Invasions and occupations. Coups. Torture. …
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If America Were Totalitarian, Where Would You Want to Live?
by Richard M. Ebeling
Future of Freedom Foundation
Why Orwell Matters
by Bruno Waterfield
How We Treat Migrants Matters
by Honor Dearlove et al
Washington Post
The Ugly Historical Roots of the GOP’s Sadistic Migrant Transports
by Michael Hiltzik
Los Angeles Times
The US Response to the World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis: Seize and Privatize
by Andres Arauz
Sanctions are Targeted Warfare, and They Do Kill
by Daniel Larison
Responsible Statecraft
Biden Keeps Pledging Direct US War With China Over Taiwan
by Caitlin Johnstone
Caitlin’s Newsletter
Freed after Years in Prison, Pennsylvania Brothers Become Political Fodder
by Radley Balko
Washington Post
Drone Debt: U.S. Refuses to Help Wounded Survivor of Wrongful Attack in Yemen
by Nick Turse
The Caplan-Singer Debate: My Opening Statement
by Bryan Caplan
Bet on It


America’s Culture of Death
by Jacob G. Hornberger
In the wake of another mass shooting, this one in Uvalde, Texas, there have been the standard, predictable calls for gun control. The idea …
All the Ways in Which Our Rights Have Been Usurped
by John W. Whitehead
It’s easy to become discouraged about the state of our nation. We’re drowning under the weight of too much debt, …
The U.S. and the Holocaust
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
Ken Burns has a new documentary coming out called The U.S. and the Holocaust. It is set …
There Is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch
by Laurence M. Vance
There is such a thing as a free lunch—even at religious schools. At the end of September, the “Biden-Harris administration” will be hosting the
It’s Up to Them
by Laurence M. Vance
President Joe Biden has done it again. He’s committed another gaffe. But this comes as no surprise since he acknowledged during a stop on …
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