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Washington Post: “Trump Supporters” Engaging In Democracy And That Is Bad

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The Washington Post is a Democrat blog. The Democratic party, in its current form, which is obviously not the Jefferson-Jackson party, and isn’t even FDR’s party, but the party of Obama and Clinton, is the modern version of a Communist party.

That isn’t throw away right-wing red meat, Mexico’s PRI was more or less a Communist party at one point. Communist pretense aside, the Communist movement was rarely run by actual workers – when that happened it was more or less by accident.

The Maurice Pinay Conspiracy Theory of History starts at the Golden Age of Catholic Monarchy, and everything since is a “degeneration” into Protestantism, Freemasonry, Republicanism, Communism, then something worse.

Traditionalism, taking from Plato, says the three forms of government – dictatorship, oligarchy, and democracy – evolve into each other; a democracy degenerates into a dictatorship, which degenerates into an oligarchy, which degenerates into a democracy, the merry-go-round never ends.

I don’t know, whatever.

In 2020s USA federal politics, the Democratic party is a typical urban focused political machine, hardly different than Tammany Hall from a hundreds years ago.

The opposition to the Democratic party is not the Republican party, the opposition to the Democratic party are “populists.”


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