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MAGA and Steve Bannon on Trial

Tyranny is slowly making its way to the United States



When a tyranny rises to power, first what they do is violently eliminate the biggest threats before the citizenry even know what is going on. From there, after the new government is installed, those in power put on kangaroo courts publicly in order to humiliate, disempower, and ostracize their opponents so that no one else ever feels any ounce of courage to fight back.

In America, we’re more sophisticated. We just cancel you from having any ability to participate in modern society.

Your banking, access to basic services, education, professional development, if it matters to you and even if it’s a trivial thing like eating at a restaurant in peace, you’ll be cast out like a leper.

What we’re seeing with the DOJ recently pulling in 35 Trump allies is entirely political theater meant to intimidate the masses.

Trump’s biggest mistake is playing out right now. When he came into office in 2017, he didn’t fire every single Obama appointee in the government. He didn’t make a display of Hillary Clinton by tossing her and her criminal enterprise in prison.

He was too merciful, but history sadly won’t paint him that way purely based on who is writing the books.

The US is no longer exceptional and is gradually becoming just another despotic government.

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Conservative-populists can no longer preach about neutrality. The Washington Examiner, who flourished under the Trump administration, has reporters who would rather be invited to cocktail parties in D.C. than tell the truth, with many of their staff now parroting the likes of CNN in calling Trump-supporters “election deniers.”

Anything for a free martini, right?

Power only recognizes power. Democrats are doing everything they ever accused Republicans of because they know even when Republicans are in charge, they never go as far as they say they will when using their Fox News appearance clips in their fundraising emails.

Now, according to former Trump strategist Steve Bannon, the purge continues to erase Trump’s entire legacy by going after his most trusted men.

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In a recent appearance on the Charlie Kirk Show, Bannon stated, “35 members of MAGA, the Republican party, people close to Donald Trump, were rolled in on yesterday by the FBI with these intimidation tactics,” including former advisers Brian Jack and Stephen Miller.

Additionally, Bannon is facing a legalized intimidation campaign over charges made in New York state regarding the use of funds to construct a private border wall along the US/Mexican border. He has been charged with money laundering and conspiracy, to which he has pleaded “not guilty.”

Bannon believes he and others are victims of a witch hunt which has gone into full effect because the Democrats are attempting to silence him and others prior to the 2022 midterm elections.

Is it true? What does your gut tell you?

If the answer is “yes,” how long before you’re pulled up before a kangaroo court for a political donation? How you voted? What you said online?

Tyranny is never from the ground up, it always sinks down into the gutters until there is no room to run.

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