Left and Right

Declaration of the Post-Right

Institute for Virtue Research

What We Want

We want a society and state that creates better people: stronger, smarter, more creative, healthier, and exhibiting qualities like decisiveness, honor, duty, skill, courage, and a spirit of service. We want a socialism of the vitalistic type: a government that intervenes not in the name of false equity nor simply to offer people easy lives of comfort, but rather to support and sponsor merit and character-based hierarchies while preserving the ability to overcome meaningful challenges, all to cultivate more capable people. We want a system which leads the development of individuals and humanity to a higher level. We want to build a vibrant new society of revitalized, virtuous, strongly-bonded people to replace the dreary, modern one of listless, atomized neopeons.

What We’re Against

We’re against the emerging techno-feudalism of full-spectrum control exerted over daily and total life through technological, economic, social, and biomedical means. We’re against the rule of a small class of petty, lame elites, exerted through all aspects of the state (government, media, education, dominant cultural and corporate institutions). We’re against the widespread poverty and degradation of the lower classes and the spiritless, immiserated condition of the working and middle classes, along with the rampant promotion of weakness, ill-health, mental disorders, dullness, and obedience inherent in the current system, often under the guise of pretty phrases like ‘democracy,’ ‘equality,’ ‘social justice,’ ‘anti-racism,’ ‘human rights,’ or ‘public health.’ We’re against the endemic ugliness of culturally-left, oligarchical, subscription-mandate capitalism. We’re against the spiritual degradation endemic today. In short, we’re against the modern world, its rulers, and the eunuch media-priest and bureaucratic collaborator classes.

What You Can Do

Help create, develop, and build post-right networks and organizations; help them grow and gain power, thus changing the direction of society.

We need people, quality people, who can not just spread the message but also organize a broad movement and popular institutions to challenge and overthrow the ruling elite. Just as the emergent system is one of full-spectrum control and social isolation, we need full-spectrum resistance and social solidarity.

There is already a rising post-right undercurrent of content creators, groups, and irl activity. Promote and join what people are already doing, or start your own action, project, or cell. Be creative but be involved.

Virtue, Vitality, Victory!!!


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