Permanent Lockdown & Chinafication of the West

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Marc Morano: Permanent Lockdown & Chinafication of the West

Marc Morano discusses his new must-read book “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown”. Since Woodrow Wilson, there has been an ideological movement (e.g. expertocracy) pushing for total control of food, energy, etc. The Great Reset first came on to the world stage in 2014 where elites were poised to launch their global managerial and permanent lockdown state. They are collapsing our energy system, food production, transportation, free speech rights, etc. They are Chinafying the West with central banks pushing for programmable money. Biden is set to declare a climate emergency with wartime powers. We are in for a long battle.

ANALYSIS: Sickening Reality of Europe’s Energy Crisis

Governments across Europe are about to sacrifice the lives, livelihoods, and futures of their citizens on the altar of transnational corporate power.

ANALYSIS: Are Russia and Myanmar On Their Way to Forging a De Facto Alliance?

Myanmar’s relations with its northern neighbor in China have been relatively icy over the years. As a result, Myanmar has gravitated more towards its other neighbor in India and in recent decades, Russia. On military matters, the Russia-Myanmar relationship appears to be growing more intimate.

ANALYSIS: Future of CSTO Depends on Outcome of Ukraine War

The only way for Russia to preserve both the South Caucasus and Central Asia in its zone of influence is to win the war in Ukraine.

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