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Creator of first robot artist warns AI is ‘apocalyptic’ and they will replace humans

Dr. Kim Carr, The Daily Star

Aidan Meller, who created the ultra-realistic Ai-Da robot, thinks within three years we will face unimaginable changes and claims that “we’re all doomed” unless change happens now.

The creator of the first ­robot artist is warning that the rise of artificial intelligence is “apocalyptic” – and we are “hurtling” towards AI taking over from humans.

Aidan Meller, who is behind the ultra-realistic Ai-Da robot, reckons within three years we will face unimaginable changes as man merges with machine.

He also believes Elon Musk is correct when he claims nuclear war would have less impact on mankind than AI.

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Aidan says: “I agree with Elon Musk that AI is a bigger threat than nuclear war – but it could also be remarkable too.

“There is every right to feel nervous about the rise of AI.

“We are hurtling towards them taking over humans so we need to have a heart of ethics.

“We are merging with ­machines – be warned, this is a changing world.”


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