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Morning News: September 13, 2022 Epoch Times- More Bad News for COVID-Vaccinated Young Males

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”
Vaccines & Safety
More Bad News for COVID-Vaccinated Young Males
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National Guard Suddenly Activated, Deployed to Prisons

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The recession IS here. Official gross domestic product numbers declined for two consecutive quarters.

But this is an unusual recession with conflicting indicators. Job market is still strong despite a slowing economy. People are still suffering from record-high inflation. Many Americans are asking what’s behind the recession and how to protect against it?

The Recession Is Here is a new Special Report that takes a deep dive into the origins of the recession, as well as how to protect yourself. It will be delivered to your home as a FREE BONUS with your two-month subscription to The Epoch Times for this recession-busting price of $1!

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Pharmaceutical Adverse Reactions Are Skyrocketing

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FBI Raids Trump Resort

FBI May Soon Raid Homes of Trump Supporters, Top Republican Says

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Election Integrity

Election Violations in Florida’s 2022 and 2020 Elections Found, Watchdog Says

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2022 Midterm Elections

Democrat Candidate Claims Texas Special Election Stolen

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Policies & Impacts

Here’s How Long Airline Chaos Could Persist, According to Experts

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CCP Virus

Study Reveals Determining Factor for Deaths in COVID-Boosted Group

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An Unlikely Friendship With Paramedic Helps Homeless Addict Turn His Life Around

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Facts Matter

5 Progressive Entities Control 98 Percent of the Processed Food Industry | Facts Matter

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Frontline Health

Children’s COVID-19 Vaccines Logged 15 Times More Reactions Versus Routine Pediatric Vaccine

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Biden’s not holding back…He’s warned you that he plans to raise:

  • Income taxes
  • Death taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Corporate taxes

Some or all of which WILL affect you or your family in one way or another…
And let’s not forget the massive inflation time bomb Biden & the democrats are building…
And if you don’t plan for this now…
You may as well kiss your retirement savings goodbye…
But it’s not too late… yet.
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Using the IRS loophole couldn’t be easier…
You don’t need to be rich to use it…
You don’t need a tax expert to use it…
And it could protect you from Biden’s attack on your retirement savings…
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Lee Smith
The Chinese Communist Party Is at War With America
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Jeffrey A. Tucker
Why Is Everyone in Florida So Happy?
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