Political insider reveals uncomfortable truths about Texas politics

By Jose Nino

I’ve meticulously followed Texas politics for well over a decade.

Even when I was living in other states and abroad, I did my best to stay up to the date on the latest happenings in the Lone Star state.

Having spent the majority of my life in the state, especially during my political awakening, I felt that it was my duty to follow the political scene there.

Overall, things have been a mixed bag, at least in terms of politics.

I saw activists bang their heads against the wall trying to pass open carry and campus carry, which they were able to get in 2015.

The same activists would slog on for 6 years trying to pass Constitutional Carry.

Their calls were finally heard when Governor Greg Abbott signed Constitutional Carry into law on June 2021.

On gun policy Texas is doing well.

Now, for property taxes and education reform…. there’s still a lot of work to do.

Michael Quinn Sullivan, the publisher of Texas Scorecard, has been plugged into Texas politics for decades and recognizes the many challenges Texas faces.

He’s well known in right-wing circles in the state.

Sullivan is one of the loudest voices for government accountability in the Lone Star State.

He goes above the temptation of indulging in political outrage and takes both parties to task when they screw up.

I interviewed him in a recent episode of El Nino Speaks on the state of Texas politics.

Make sure to check it out to find out what’s going on in Texas and what the future holds for the Lone Star State:


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José Niño

P.S. Holding politicians accountable is no easy task.

But it has to be done if we want to see any meaningful change in politics.

A lot of people come and go in politics.

They enter incredibly exuberant, but leave totally jaded.

Personally, I don’t blame them for exiting politics.

However, a lot of this burnout is preventable.

If you know how to move properly in politics, you can get a lot out of it.

Heck, you can even make a total career from it.

The key is that you use proven strategies when conducting political operations.

You can’t just do things on the fly.

Thankfully for you, fellow patriot, yours truly has you covered at the Niño File.

This is the place where you’ll receive the hidden secrets of political activism and all the ins-and-outs of the political process.

It’s stuff you won’t see Con Inc and other legacy organizations talk about.

All they want to do is to keep the outrage cycle going and offer zero solutions.

I’m here to stop that.

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