Newly Leaked Report From Rand Corporation Reveals The True Motives Behind European Destabilization & The Russia/Ukraine War

“Weakening Germany, strengthening the U.S.”

The RAND Corporation was born from the aftermath of World War 2 as a sort of research and development think tank that would bring together the best and brightest minds of America, to hypothesize on and solve issues before they arose. Although non-profit and originally conceived as a non-partisan organization, the CIA and Pentagon linked group has evolved to be anything but.

Their research publications claim to “develop solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities throughout the world safer and more secure, healthier and more prosperous.” They provide research and analysis on issues facing governments and people, quite often with a lens toward what would best serve the United States ruling elite, intelligence and Defense community.

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Russia, as a global counterweight to United States dominance, has been a subject of particular interest to RAND and more specifically, the destabilization and weakening of Russia. Of course the ultimate result of a destabilized Russia would be a stronger United States, no matter if in the process, hundreds of thousands are impacted by war, starvation or economic instability. If you take a look at RANDS’s website, you can find hundreds of blog entries and policy research with titles like: Overextending and Unbalancing Russia , Could U.S. Weapons Assistance to Ukraine Lead to Russian Escalation and Pathways to Russian Escalation Against NATO from the Ukraine War , all from very recently.

It’s clear that the Russian specialized military operation in Ukraine wasn’t simply an overnight occurrence and since the invasion on 2/24/22, the Ukrainian military has had billions of dollars in assistance from America and perhaps a fair amount of strategic assistance from RAND as well.


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