Insane in the Ukraine

How does this end?

Internet war punditry: rapidly advancing towards total irrelevancy.

The Ukrainian military has launched a counter-offensive in the Kharkov region.

There are many hot takes about this.

We are not going to provide you with a Military Analysis. Instead, we will offer a brief overview of how we arrived at the current state of affairs—and ask the simplest of questions: Can we please stop with the malarkey and have an honest dialogue about what has occurred over the past six months? Please? It’s time.

The Kiev “feint”

Remember when thousands of Russian troops semi-surrounded Kiev and Zelensky was supposed to flee for his life (maybe he did, temporarily, to Poland. History’s Mysteries)? Oh, we remember.

“Going for the jugular” and “doing it the hard rock way” suddenly became a sneaky “feint”? Okay, sure.

Go back to mid-March—all the usual suspects were still predicting an imminent assault on Kiev. There’s a simple explanation for this: Russia was still signaling it had ambitious plans for Kiev and neighboring regions.

But by late March the narrative had changed in a very radical way.


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