American Decline

Why 1950s America is never coming back

By Jose Nino

Most people realize that something bad is in the air.

The America they once grew up in or at least read about is not the same.

From the rising levels of inflation to the alarming levels of crime sweeping cities nationwide, America is clearly deteriorating at the socio-economic level.

Not to mention the alarming levels of social deviancy that we see being promoted in academia, business, and civil society organizations.

Despite recognizing the many problems America is facing, few people can really put their finger on why the country has fallen to such lows.

It’s really America First, paleoconservatives, paleolibertarians, and other sub-sects of the Dissident Right that understand why we find ourselves in such a troubling state. Thankfully, they’re beginning to gain more prominence on the American Right.

The 20th century was not only host to some of the largest expansions in government, but also the rise of a new ruling class that promotes many forms of social deviancy.

As a result of this de facto revolution, America is experiencing some nasty upheavals on all fronts. You see it in the debasement of the currency, the breakdown of the family unit, and the alarming levels of crime.

And things are only going to get worse in the years ahead.

The first step in reversing this decline is understand the processes and individuals who brought about this mess in the first place.

Keith Alexander, co-host of the Political Cesspool, grasps this issue like few people in the political space. Keith has witnessed America go from a relatively stable, high-trust society to a socially atomized and increasingly unstable polity.

I had a great chat with Keith Alexander in a recent episode of El Nino Speaks.

Make sure to check out the interview below:

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