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Subcultural Struggle as the true Culture War

A new path for Dissidents

We often hear Conservatives, Libertarians, and those considered “Far-Right” talk about “The Culture War”, but what does that mean? While those aforementioned groups have differing ideas on what they are fighting for in this supposed Culture War, the most objective definition would be the struggle by different political, racial, and regional factions within the United States and other Western Countries for influence over the culture of their countries. Blacks and Asians always demand representation in films because that allows them to influence the culture around them with greater ease, though it usually ends up turning them into raceless shills for the Ultra-Liberalism of our day. The more Anti-Essentialist the world becomes, the more the Flags and “Nations” of the world start to become meaningless symbols and lines on a map, rather than representations of the peoples that they used to represent. Subculture has taken the reigns of Culture Proper, and will continue to become more prevalent in the days to come. In this article, I will provide some examples of Subcultural Struggles in different parts of the world, and explain how we as Dissidents can use that to our advantage.

The Method of Dress

The clothes we wear tell a lot about us, what we do, what we stand for, and how we think. If you wear suits a lot, that means you’re probably a professional of some sort, and perhaps belong to the Neo-Yuppie “Grindset” culture that has sprang up from sites like Instagram and LinkedIn. If you have dyed hair and dress like a Steven Universe character, you are probably a Faggot and likely “Trans” to some capacity. The Outside is a reflection of the Inside, but how does dressing up a certain way help us fight a culture war? Let’s take the Hanfu movement in China as an example of this! China under Mao experienced a Cultural Revolution that took them away from Essentially Chinese Culture into a Western Marxist Inspired Culture, and it is still felt to this very day. However, many young Chinese men and women are starting to become disillusioned with the Marxist crap that’s still pushed in China to this day, but have no way of verbally protesting it. Instead, they dress Chinese and do so as statement. Yes, they stand out in a crowd and people might think them a bit silly to do something like that, but by continuously doing it and encouraging others to do it, they create their own sphere and thus chip away at the Marxist derived culture of the Chinese State. So now let’s ask ourselves, how can we apply this to our cause?

Like the Skinhead movement of the 80’s and 90’s, a method of dress will attract people in before any ideological statements are made. However, we do not have the privilege of touring bands to create this kind of culture again. Indeed, “Right Wing Music” has become mostly synths and bip boops, with a couple bands that may or may not actually be “based”. However, what we lack in musical community we make up for in a highly developed visual aesthetic culture. We could chalk this up to the modern Dissident scene being very online, but we could also attribute it to the revival of interest in artistic movements like Futurism and to an extent Surrealism and Dada within the Dissident Scene. Anyone looking to spread ideas in their local area should have an idea how they want to dress first. What do you imagine your crew dressing up like? Think of the meaning behind those choices, even if the main reason is “because it looks cool”. Are you a band of Racialist Roller Bladers, or do you prefer the Tyler Durden look? What makes you stand out? Answering these kinds of questions in regards to fashion is key to having a tangible identity for your Tribe.


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