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NYC block hires armed security guards to patrol against drug-ridden street

Time to call in the reinforcements.

Crime and quality-of-life complaints have gotten so bad in Greenwich Village, a community group contracted armed guards to patrol their street and stop chronic drug dealing, crack smoking and public defecation.

The West 4th Mac/6th Block Association hired security officers strapped with pistols from Black Tie Protection Services of upstate Monroe, to surveil West Fourth Street between MacDougal Street and Sixth Avenue for the month of August at various hours of the day.

Resident Brian Maloney said his neighborhood of 16 years is suffering from an influx of emotionally disturbed drug addicts and an exodus of cops, made all the worse by bail reform and soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Private guards was the only logical way to combat the chaos of a revolving-door justice system, he said.

“We have residents saying, ‘We’re a liberal city. The Village is a very liberal area.’ Well, I’ve lost my liberal-ness on this. It baffles me,” Maloney told The Post. “The security certainly gave me peace of mind.”

Several residents blame Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s policies for allowing open drug use.
Several residents blame Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s policies for allowing open drug use.

Maloney and his neighbors are not alone. Other groups like the Village Alliance business improvement district and the West 9th Street Block Association hired unarmed private security in the past to patrol their streets.

Maloney said in the first two weeks, the armed guards confronted 200 users, dealers and vagrants and rousted them off the block. But once a shift ended, the shady characters came back.

“There’s always been a certain grunginess and low-level charm to the Village, but now it’s just lawlessness,” another resident said. “With the security, It was such a relief to come home and not find anyone on my stoop. I was relieved to not find the same dealers and addicts on my block. It felt like 2018 again.”


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