Paul Gosar Lays Out The America First Agenda For 2023 And Beyond

It shouldn’t be a surprise at this part, especially since Darth Biden’s “speech” last week has drawn a line in the sand that you’re either with the globalist progressives or you’re with normal, everyday people.

If you know your gender, have a job, take care of your family and don’t want to be run by the World Economic Forum, somehow you’re a danger to Democracy.

This is the world we’re living in. If the GOP doesn’t understand that the choices are America First or bust, then the whole country is doomed.

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Seriously though, the period where you could talk a big game and not do anything is over. There needs to be serious, legislative action taken EVEN IF the bills fail. The Democrats do this all the time and they push the Overton Window, Republicans need to do exactly the same.

These publicly recorded votes are needed so voters know exactly who is with them and who is going to make their lives miserable.

Politician’s voting record can then immediately be used by grassroots populists to go directly after those who don’t act right. This is where primary elections come into play, just as we’ve seen across the country as America First candidates have ousted GOP incumbents who were bought by the swamp. Real punishment needs to be inflicted at the voting booth.



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