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Elite Power and the Politics of Division: Neema Parvini’s “The Populist Delusion”

Neema Parvini. The Populist Delusion. Perth, Australia: Imperium Press, 2022.

What entails the backlash against populist politics, a political ideology that once held respectable admiration in the institutions of culture? Further, what about the pervasive, both implicit and explicit, argument about white sin and white fragility, which construes everything white to be evil? Populism, when emanating from white Americans, is deplored. Populism, when emanating from other American ethnic groups, is promoted. What gives?

Neema Parvini, in his new book The Populist Delusion, writes:

[I]n 2021, the US Federal Government – the public face of the aforementioned syndicalist nexus of finance, corporations, and NGOs – has declared that ‘white supremacists’ constitute the highest terrorist threat to the country; former President George W. Bush even argued that they belong in the same breath as ISIS and that, in a statement as Schmittian as any ever uttered, ‘bigotry and white supremacy are “blasphemy” against the American creed. The media daily propagandise against ‘white privilege,’ explains why white people are ‘the problem.’ But why would Power focus so heavily on this group, ‘white people?’ It is because it comprises people who are independent of the state, would-be aristocrats, subsidiaries in potential, and even a few truly independent institutions, and therefore represents the largest threat to its hegemony. This was embodied in the hated figure of Donald Trump, but since he was banished from the airwaves and social media, now it must take the form of a direct attack on the disobedient people themselves, especially if they have refused the vaccination against the pandemic which is a very convenient proxy marker of ‘friend’ or ‘enemy’ to Power. Jouvenal as a guide would tell us two things: first, one way or the other, the hour of decision will come; second, whatever order exists after this hour of decision will grant no more ‘liberty’ than what came before – the game stays the same, only the players change.[1]

In The Populist Delusion, Parvini takes the reader through a survey of theorists of the elite which also gives much consideration about the future of populism and its political potency. Gaetano Mosca, Vilfredo Pareto, Robert Michels, Carl Schmitt, Bertrand de Jouvenel, James Burnham, Samuel T. Francis and Paul Gottfried. These seem to be the writers to read to understand how things function politically and what is going on now, as opposed to the popular narratives presented in the media or by run-of-the-mill political science professors.

Because “whiteness” gets attacked, some misguided people think that people of color are the problem. This is categorically wrong on a number of levels once modestly considered. BLM and Antifa were sponsored by the elite and supported by the media and have now largely disappeared – though it can be predicted that they will be resurrected, brought out of the closet, whenever it suits the elite to threaten violence to those who deviate from the elite agenda.


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