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Morning News: August 3, 2022 Epoch Times- FBI Director Christopher Wray Gets More Bad News

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
US News
FBI Director Christopher Wray Gets More Bad News
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‘Surprise’ 1-Time $1,650 Stimulus Payments Sent Out Now

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The Epoch Times has been investigating and exposing the truth about the COVID vaccine and its side effects, which are mostly being censored by Big Tech and mainstream media.

Americans deserve to know the truth about the vaccine. This is why The Epoch Times has just released a new special report Investigating the Vaccine. Our report reveals vaccine data hidden from the public, the vaccine’s efficacy and possible side effects, as well as the ethics behind mandates.

Get the Special Report delivered to your home as a FREE BONUS with a two-month subscription to The Epoch Times for just $1. No shipping fee. This is a magazine you must not miss!

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Heart Health

Even With Oxygen Concentration of 99% You Can Experience Cardiac Hypoxia: 5 Types of Food to Prevent It

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Executive Branch

Veterans Affairs to Offer Abortions, a Move Some Say Is Illegal

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China Human Rights

‘Damning’: US Lawmakers Respond to UN Report on CCP Atrocities in Xinjiang

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Republican Lawmaker Launches Bill to Hold China Accountable for Blocking Alien Deportation

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Executive Branch

Top Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy Leaving White House, John Podesta Joining

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Executive Branch

New Documents Show Clear Big Tech-Government Collusion: Lawyer

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Inspired Videos

Boy With Down Syndrome Becomes Award-Winning Photographer

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American Thought Leaders

PREMIERING 9/3 7:30PM ET: China’s ‘Walking Dead’: Inside the Warped World of China’s Communist Officialdom | Special Episode Featuring Kay Rubacek

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Kash’s Corner

‘DOJ and FBI Threatened My Safety’—Kash Patel Discusses Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Redactions, Special Master Appointment, & More

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Amid a devious plot orchestrated by Haman, the principal minister, Esther stood before the king to plead her case. Haman had convinced King Ahasuerus to have all the Jewish people living in the land killed, but what he had not realized was that his new wife, Esther, was herself a Jewish woman! Watch as the new queen risks her own life and secures safety for the Jewish people. You will be blessed by this incredible story of a brave and faithful woman of God in The Bible Collection: Esther.

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Dr. Robert Malone
Mask Up, Berkeley Students
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Aaron Kheriaty
Uncovering the Army of Federal Censors
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