Where in the World: Vanderburgh Lake and Water

by Peter Zeihan on September 2, 2022

In the new book –The End of the World is Just the Beginning: Mapping the Collapse of Globalization– I dive into any number of the implications of a country’s hydrological cycles and access. Everything from its ability to interact with the wider world to its military posture to its financial strength to what foods it can (and cannot) grow.

Today we’re going to talk about something much more straightforward: moving the stuff. In many ways water is the worst! It’s low value. It’s bulky. It sloshes. It is among the most difficult of things to move en masse. And yet and yet and yet it is absolutely essential to the human condition. Have water? You can be something special. Don’t have water? History is just itching to forget about you.

Which has direct implications for the Ukraine War.

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