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Is the Left DISMISSING Concerns About Vaccine Mandates?

his week, Briahna invited her libertarian Rising co-host Robbie Soave to have a good faith conversation about the limits of COVID policy. He’s joined by journalist and co-founder of Opt Out Media Walker Bragman, who has been covering what he argues is a failure of the government to offer mitigation interventions that could save thousands of lives. Has the left conceded unnecessary ground to the right as it dismisses libertarian concerns about mask mandates and vaccines? Is it unrealistic to keep schools closed with limited child care support for parents, and education delays holding kids back? Or is that a false trade off given how little has been done to make returning to school as safe as it could be, with clear masks, ventilators, and testing? This might be the good-est faith conversation about the failures and limits of COVID policy you’ve heard yet.

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