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Child Protective Caseworker Allegedly Tried to Take Kids Away from Moms Who Rejected Her Sexual Advances

I’m not deluded in my thinking. I know straight men have used positions of power to coerce and blackmail women into giving them sexual favors since the beginning of time. But there are a couple issues in the case of Robin Niceta that are especially heinous.

The first issue is that she tried to coerce straight women (one is right to assume) to service her sexual desires. Not only would these sexual acts be done against the mother’s will, but they would be against the mother’s sexual nature. Which leads one to wonder whether that is part of the game for Ms. Niceta. There is humiliation present in the scenario of a male Child Protective Caseworker (CPC) extorting sex from a mother, but the fact that it is a female CPC doing this to another female points toward a case of sadism as well as humiliation in my mind. I feel as if I often overuse the term vile, but in this case, it seems especially proper.

The other issue that must be highlighted here is that Niceta had a recent break-up with the former police chief of Aurora, Colorado, Vanessa Wilson. Wilson was recently let go from that position in a “controversial” manner, but she and Niceta were involved while Wilson was the head of law enforcement in Aurora. I believe the reader already knows what I’m getting at by pointing out the relationship between a vile CPC and a police chief. Did Niceta engage in her sexual blackmail attempts knowing that she had the head of law enforcement on her side? One would be in denial if you didn’t believe that was a consideration.


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