Economics/Class Relations

Can Capitalism Solve World Hunger?

“In theory, everyone wants to solve world hunger.” The current economical philosophy of most of the developed world is that profit is the highest priority, and that the best way to create profit is to cut costs. One of the greatest expenses of any company is the salaries and wages of the employees. To reduce these expenses many of the richest and most influential individuals and organizations in the world want to apply pressure on the working class so they’ll accept jobs with terrible working conditions and for abysmal pay. Of course, Second Thought already knows this, but it has to be repeated at every opportunity: not everyone wants to solve world hunger. The elite desire humanitarian crises because they believe it’s beneficial for their bottom line if the majority of the population is desperate. Suffering has been made a cornerstone of the economical system. Empathy and altruism are being denounced as childish, fake, and delusional because these virtues would ruin their business models.

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