Vassal Nations after Decline of American Empire

If you have read some history, you will know that vassal nations do not fare well after the decline or collapse of the empire who is propping them up. This is especially true for vassals which are are surrounded by traditionally hostile neighbors or owe their stature to being faithful outposts of the empire in decline. With that in mind, let us talk about the likely fate of three nations who owe their current international status to being faithful vassal states of the American empire. As many of you already know, the American empire (at least in its current form) has been on a path of rapid decline for the past 15 years. While we can argue about the mix of reasons and their contribution to the process, it is hard to hide that this decline is both significant and widespread- affecting everything from internal social stability to ability to project military power.

For the purposes of this post, I am going to use three examples- Israel, Taiwan and UK. As you will soon see, there is a reason why I chose these three countries rather than others such as Germany or Baltic States- even though the later are vassal states in all but name. It comes down to their relative ability (or lack thereof) and options for adjusting to a world order where the American empire is in decline or functionally irrelevant- at least, when compared to current state of affairs. Simply put, countries such as Germany and even the Baltic states have more options to maintain something close to their current status in a post-American world than others. With that out the way, let us start talking about the first of the three- Israel.


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