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Twelve Points of Unity for Patriotic Socialists (In North America)

Patriotic Socialism

1. Community Self-Policing, Ethnic Autonomy,

Every ethnic and/or cultural group shall be protected and preserved by the state, endowed with the right to self-government for purposes of community-policing, preservation and promotion of tradition/heritage, and organization and promotion of community-based economy.

2. Traditionalism,

The state shall protect and preserve the institution of the family as the basic building block of civilization, with respect to the customs and traditions of each ethnic and/or cultural group.

The state shall uphold the right of every ethnic and/or cultural group to maintain it’s own religious institutions and practice it’s customs, traditions, etc… without fear of reprisal or repression.

3. Abolition of Debt Slavery,

Immediate and full forgiveness of all student-loans, mortgages, etc… to coincide with a general re-organization of the financial system. (See 6.)

4. Right to a Job,

Work is the right and duty of every citizen, the state will be empowered to ensure that unemployment is completely eliminated.

5. Healthcare for All,

Every citizen shall be fully ensured by the state and guaranteed access to a fully modern healthcare system, regardless of ethnic, cultural, financial, criminal, or political status.

6. Independence, Financial Sovereignty, Anti-Usury,

Abolition of the Federal Reserve (or any equivalent supranational banking institution) and the creation of a national bank with sole right to coin and regulate currency on behalf of the citizenry.

Withdraw from IMF, World Bank, and all other supranational financial institutions.

Full liquidation of and re-organization of the entire banking system on a public basis by the National Bank.

Withdraw from NATO & the UN.

7. National Redevelopment,

State funded and organized overhaul of national infrastructure on a scale unseen since the FDR Administration

8. Profit-sharing, Share Our Wealth, Worker-Ownership, Anti-Monopoly,

The present system offers us only one thing, more monopoly, the concentration of private property into fewer and fewer hands, the inevitable abolition of property for 9/10ths of the population. The Communist ‘alternative’ is the complete and total abolition of property immediately, merely an acceleration of the present conditions.

We, however, must re-affirm the maxim “property makes free” and call for nothing less than total de-proletarianization of labor through the re-distribution of property accordingly. We are thereby in opposition to both the capitalist and communist modes of production, which endorse total or near-total proletarianization, and by extension exploitation and alienation of labor, by separating it from it’s only fruit, property.

The state is authorized to carry out de-proletarianization via the re-distribution of property through the institution of co-ops, collectives, profit-sharing schemes, etc…

9. Syndicalism, Industrial Self-Management,

The state shall immediately set-about the organization of a syndicalist (or corporate) system wherein every industry and occupation shall be organized, from the shop-floor to the office cubical, and endowed with the powers of self-regulation and self-government.

10. Populism,

The state shall seek the mandate of the people wherever possible, all public officials are servants of the people, and the state shall strive to be the fullest expression of the will of the people.

11. Anti-War,

The state shall end all foreign wars, occupations, interventions, etc…. dismantle all foreign military installments, largely dismantle the standing, professional army, abolish the Pentagon, re-institute a viable defense plan based on state-backed militias, wherein the draft would be re-instituted in times of National Crisis.

12. Action,

The executive branch of the state shall be endowed with legislative as well as executive powers via mandate, approved annually by Congress, and immediately revocable.

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