Disaster Anarchy

Disaster Anarchy

From It’s Going Down

Rhiannon Firth on Mutual Aid in an Age of Climate Change


On this episode of It’s Going Down, we speak with Rhiannon Firth, author of Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Actionabout the growth of autonomous disaster relief efforts, grassroots anarchist initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, and collective responses to climate change, both in the UK and in the US.


During our discussion, we map out attempts by the state to both recuperate and contain mutual aid movements and focus on the need for radicals to not dilute their politics. We look back at historical examples such as Occupy Sandy and recent responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and ask how these experiments can influence the coming terrain impacted by the realities of climate chaos.

More Info: Rhiannon Firth on Pluto Press and Twitter and Disaster Anarchy: Mutual Aid and Radical Action.

Photo: Restore_the_Rock / flickr 


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