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The Nation Weekly: August 26, 2022 Howard Zinn at 100, a photo essay on disability, and more

The famed historian Howard Zinn would have been 100 this past Wednesday. More than a decade after Zinn’s death in 2010, his best-selling A People’s History of the United States (1980) remains the most popular—and radical—introduction to American history, having recently surpassed 4 million copies sold.

Robert Cohen and Sonia Murrow commemorated Zinn on our site this week, and shared his five best Nation articles, which he wrote between 1960 and 2002.

Howard Zinn at 100: Remembering “The People’s Historian”
Zinn made no pretense of neutrality. He believed that “in a world of conflict,” it was the historian’s job to advocate for the oppressed.
Robert Cohen, Sonia Murrow
Rationing of Medical Equipment Is Costing Disabled People Their Lives
With the government refusing to make medicine and medical equipment accessible, sick, and disabled people have to rely on each other for support.
Nolan Trowe
When Rap Lyrics Become Incriminating Speech
The use of their songs in criminal cases has had dire consequences for hip-hop musicians.
Kali Holloway
Republicans Ramp Up Their “Defund the FBI” Stunt
Republicans aren’t being hypocrites about the FBI and the Mar-a-Lago raid—they’ve never truly cared about effective law enforcement.
Kali Holloway
“El Gran Movimiento” Is a Masterful Portrait of Capitalism at Work
Kiro Russo’s new film takes us to La Paz, following unemployed miners, mystics, and others hoping to find solace in the shadow of a rotten economy.
Eli Rudavsky
What the Mar-a-Lago Raid Means for Democrats
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, John Nichols and Eyal Press join the show to discuss Trump, Democrats, and dirty work.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Soccer’s Impact on the Middle East
Author and professor Abdullah Al-Arian joins the Edge of Sports podcast to talk about his new book, Football in the Middle East.
Dave Zirin

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