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Jose Nino’s Digest: August 26, 2022 70% of Criminals in California County Released with No Cash Bail are Rearrested, and more

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70% of Criminals in California County Released with No Cash Bail are Rearrested

70% of individuals arrested in Yolo County, California, which has implemented a “zero cash bail” policy, were rearrested, per a study run by the local district attorney’s office. The Sacramento Bee would later run a story on this zero cash bail…

Aug 26, 2022Big League Politics

POLL: Increasing Number of Republicans Support Former President Donald Trump over the GOP

According to a new NBC News poll, the number of Republicans who prefer backing former president Donald Trump over the Republican Party has increased by 7 points. The National Review reported that this increase has taken place over the course of May…

Aug 26, 2022Big League Politics

University of Massachusetts Lowell Prohibits “Offensive” Online Speech

According to a report by Ben Squires at Reclaim the Net, the University of Massachusetts Lowell has an Acceptable Use Policy that prohibits students “from using university Wi-Fi to intentionally share, send, or view ‘offensive’ content.” This is…

Aug 26, 2022Big League Politics

US Claims that Airstrikes in Syria Killed 4 Iranian-Backed Militia Members

According to a statement by the United States Central Command, four Iranian-backed militia members were killed in US airstrikes in Syria on August 24, 2022. In this same statement, USCENTCOM revealed that US military units destroyed 7 enemy rocket…

Aug 26, 2022Big League Politics

POLL: Nearly Half of Americans are Against the Biden Regime’s Foreign Policy

According to a YouGov/Economist poll released on August 24, 2022, 49% of American residents are against United States President Joe Biden’s foreign policy. The poll revealed that 35% of Americans “strongly disapprove” of the way the Biden regime is…

Aug 25, 2022Big League Politics

Dennis Rodman Plans to Head to Russia to Petition for the Release of Brittney Griner

Will Dennis Rodman inadvertently become America’s premier diplomat? Former NBA forward and five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman announced earlier this week that he received “permission” to go to Russia and petition for the release of WNBA star…

Aug 25, 2022Big League Politics

The Biden Regime is Ready to Dole Out an Additional $3 Billion in Military Aid to Ukraine

The Biden regime is ready to put forward an additional $3 billion in military aid to Ukraine. According to a report by the Associated Press, this aid contains funds to supply and train Ukrainian military units “to fight for years to come.” The AP…

Aug 25, 2022Big League Politics

Sanctuary Cities Are Now Becoming Overwhelmed by Massive Illegal Alien Influx

Sanctuary cities have become a wedge issue in American politics over the past three decades. Progressive cities have gained notoriety for allowing illegal aliens to settle in these jurisdictions and enjoy public services in clear violation of federal…

Aug 25, 2022Big League Politics

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