Facebook To Involve Itself With Our Elections (Again)

Imagine a world where a social media platform not only censored and “fact-checked” memes, but also removed the ability to speak freely about controversial issues, removed content it felt disagreed with government “experts”, and even removed the President of the United States from being able to speak online.

This isn’t an imaginary place. This is the current state of speech online in America and around the world. Great job, we’ve found ourselves living in a flat-out dystopian novel.

You’d think after the events of the last few years, maybe our corporate and government overlords would think that if they doubled down on their oppressive nature even more, bad things might happen, so therefore the smart option would be to level off before diving into the deep end.

Well, that’s not the case here, folks. They’ve decided that the solution to doubling down is to triple down.


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