Is War Popular? W/Keith Preston.

The Mindcrime Liberty Show is joined by Keith Preston to discuss whether war is popular. War seems to be popular amongst a variety of classes, sectors and worldviews throughout time and places, especially in modernity or bourgeois society. Whether war was more or less common before the 1800s is a good question but seemingly most of the populace, including the soldiers themselves, go along with most wars. The armies of modernity especially in the major conflicts are quite large and are equipped at great expense. There are structural ways one could argue oneself out of this seeming popularity but most wars are supported for a time. Although there are drafts and propaganda many soldiers willingly sign up and public support generally remains. Furthermore, plenty of frontline soldiers enjoy the fighting, the danger and camaraderie. Of course there is the PTSD story which needn’t be forgotten but this is arguably not the main takeaway. It couldn’t be considering the size of the armies in conflicts such as the Napoleonic Wars, WWI and 2. Is modern bourgeois society too peaceful and boring? One could of course try to say it isn’t that peaceful but the critique of alienation or boredom is a common criticism of modernity. Do people have a psychological need for conflict against an enemy? Is the media to blame? Why does the “mainstream” media seem to support many wars? Why is there so much popular demand for stories about wars both fictional and real? Is perpetual peace possible or even desirable? What would make wars, in particular state wars, less popular?

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