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Jose Nino’s Digest: August 22, 2022 Should Right-Wingers Stop Joining the Military?, and more

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El Nino Speaks 55: Should Right-Wingers Stop Joining the Military?

Share Should right-wingers avoid joining the military at all costs? José Niño and Josiah Lippincott, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, discuss the institutional decay taking place in US military rand why the America First Right avoid…

Aug 21, 2022Substack

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt vs The IRS Army

Share I saw a joke the other day online which goes like this. Some random person is celebrating the passing of a bill called the “Free Ice Cream Act.” The dude is so happy, he starts cheering “Yay! We’re getting free ice cream!” Then a politician…

Aug 21, 2022Substack

Facebook Unveils Plan to “Protect” the 2022 midterms

Facebook has recently unveiled its plans to interfere in the 2022 midterm elections. The Big Tech giant will not allow for ads connected to electoral, political, and social issues to be edited in the week that the midterm elections take place. This…

Aug 21, 2022Big League Politics

New York State Senate Blocks New Yorkers on Twitter

Citizens of New York who criticize the State Senate’s Twitter account have been blocked from commenting and viewing tweets, per a letter by free speech advocacy organization FIRE. FIRE is currently representing a New York citizen who was blocked for…

Aug 21, 2022Big League Politics

Darya Dugina, Daughter of Russian Geopolitical Theorist Alexander Dugin, is Killed in Suspected Car Bomb Attack

Gözde Bayar of Anadolu Agency reported that a car belonging to Darya Dugina, the daughter of renowned Russian political theorist Alexander Dugin, exploded on the night of August 20, 2022. Dugina’s vehicle blew up on Mozhayskoye highway in Moscow…

Aug 21, 2022Big League Politics

Mike Pompeo and the CIA are Sued for Snooping on Journalists and Julian Assange’s Lawyers

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s legal team and journalists who paid him a visit at the Ecuadorian embassy in London have now filed a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its former Director Mike Pompeo. According to this…

Aug 20, 2022Big League Politics

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