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Morning News: August 20, 2022 Epoch Times- New Document Reveals Who Authored Request for FBI Trump Search Warrant

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”
FBI Raids Trump Resort
New Document Reveals Who Authored Request for FBI Trump Search Warrant
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85 Arrested, $12.8 Million in Drugs and 49 Guns Seized in Central Florida: Polk County Sheriff

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Are you prepared for the coming Food Crisis?

Many Americans have seen food inflation soar to its highest level in over 40 years. More than 30 countries are already restricting food exports out of concern for dwindling supplies.

THE COMING FOOD CRISIS AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT is a new 76-page special report which contains many investigative reports, as well as what can you do to prepare for it.

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Fargo School Board Reinstates the Pledge of Allegiance After National Public Outcry

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US News

FBI’s Trump Raid a Defining Moment for America, Critics Say

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Business & Markets

Recession Drum Beats Louder as Leading Economic Index Falls for 5th Month Straight

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US News

Millions of iPhone Users Warned by Federal Agency to Change Settings Immediately

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Asia & Pacific

US Embassy Condemns CCP Coercion to Change Cross-Strait Status Quo

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Health News

Growing Evidence Indicates Sex Between Men Is Fueling Monkeypox

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VIDEO: Adorable Dog Has Hilarious Reactions to the Food That She Really Likes

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American Thought Leaders

Victor Davis Hanson: FBI Should Be Broken Up, Agents Moved to Other Departments

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Kash’s Corner

Kash’s Corner: The Mar-a-Lago Raid Docs; Forcing Their Release; and the Iranian Fatwa on Salman Rushdie

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Authentic Chinese Cuisine doesn’t come from a takeout box. It’s the legacy of thousands of years of culinary exploration, from a land that comprises countless regions and innovations. Flavor, texture, sauce, heat. Balance and harmony. Even color and sound. Everything plays a role. I will show you how to use basic salt to enrich the flavors of every dish. A whole world of new skills and flavor is open to you. Let’s go on a gourmet journey.
William Brooks
William Brooks: From Western Traditions to Political Indoctrination: A Cultural History of Education
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Patricia Adams
A Second Chernobyl
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