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The Nation Weekly: August 19, 2022 Salman Rushdie and the left, very real eco-fiction, and more

“The attack on Rushdie is not about rage at anti-Muslim prejudice, and it’s not about racism either—indeed, Muslims can be of any race,” writes our columnist Katha Pollitt. “It’s about religious fanaticism organized by a theocratic state, Iran, and rewarded by it too.”

In the wake of author Salman Rushdie’s brutal attack, Pollitt examines reemerging arguments over Rushdie’s work and Islamophobia. Ultimately, she argues, we shouldn’t treat “Islamist tyrants” any different than we treat extremists of other religions.

The Left Has a Responsibility to Side With Salman Rushdie
Religious extremism is always dangerous, no matter the source.
Katha Pollitt
How Eco-Fiction Became Realer Than Realism
Encompassing everything from the ecosystems novel to sci-fi, a growing body of literature is imagining and interrogating the past, present, and future of the planet’s climate.
Lynne Feeley
Stop Telling Americans That They’re “Tired of Covid”
Shifting responsibility for the pandemic onto individuals is bad policy—and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.
Martha Lincoln
The Kenyan Kakistocracy
What are we supposed to do when the electoral system consistently yields terrible candidates?
Nanjala Nyabola
Liz Cheney Is No Abraham Lincoln
As she positions for a presidential bid, the defeated representative imagines herself as Lincolnesque. That’s absurd.
John Nichols
Abortion Rights Victories in Red States, Plus the Crisis in Haiti
On this week’s episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, Katha Pollitt on choice, and Amy Wilentz on Port-au-Prince.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Primaries and White Supremacy in Southern California
On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, writers John Nichols and Gustavo Arellano join to discuss the upcoming election in Wyoming and a history of the right wing in Orange County.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense

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