On the Cusp of the World’s First Worldwide Revolution

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Bob Moriarty: On the Cusp of the World’s First Worldwide Revolution

Bob Moriarty discusses Ukraine losing the war and how someone in the military might assassinate Zelensky. WEF is desperate, losing, and will fail. In his 2016 book “Art of Peace” he predicted a collapse of the banking system and the world’s first worldwide revolution which he believes is now just starting. We’re going to have some of the most significant and rapid changes in world history in the upcoming months. The United States is falling into the same trap as the Roman Empire. He discusses strategic relocation and why he ended up in Europe.

ANALYSIS: How Likely is a Major Nuclear Disaster in Europe?

In order to prevent such a doomsday scenario, the Kremlin could implement the very same strategy it has been using ever since it launched the so-called special military operation in Ukraine: withdraw Russian forces from the plant, calling such a move a “goodwill gesture”, and then explain through its propagandists that, as a result of Russia’s actions, “a major nuclear disaster” has been avoided.

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Was Covid a U.S. Biowarfare Attack Against the Multipolar World?

Since April 2020 Ron Unz has published a long series of articles arguing that the Covid outbreak was due to an American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran). Now, Jeffrey Sachs, the Russian MoD, and others are making similar suggestions.

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Ron Unz on Covid & Biowarfare

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    The lefties are dead in spirit and ideas.

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