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Morning News: August 16, 2022 Epoch Times-Biden Admin Makes Suspicious Move About Trump Search Affidavit

“Without forgiveness life is governed by an endless cycle of resentment and retaliation.”
FBI Raids Trump Resort
Biden Admin Makes Suspicious Move About Trump Search Affidavit
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FBI Raids Trump Resort

14 FBI Whistleblowers Have Come Forward: Rep. Jordan

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Are you prepared for the coming Food Crisis?

Many Americans have seen food inflation soar to its highest level in over 40 years. More than 30 countries are already restricting food exports out of concern for dwindling supplies.

THE COMING FOOD CRISIS AND HOW TO PREPARE FOR IT is a new 76-page special report which contains many investigative reports, as well as what can you do to prepare for it.

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US Features

EXCLUSIVE: What Ray Epps Told the FBI

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Health Care System

Nurses Who Witnessed ‘Brutal’ COVID-19 Treatment Protocols Speak Out

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Mar-a-Lago Raid Made Trump More Powerful—Here’s Why

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FBI Raids Trump Resort

Former White House Chief of Staff Never Witnessed ‘Intentional Destruction of Important Papers’

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Donald Trump

Trump Reveals He ‘Will Do Whatever’ to ‘Help the Country’ After FBI Raid

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US Giant BlackRock to Invest $1 Billion Into Australian Battery Projects

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Cheeky Wagtail Caught on Camera Teasing Osprey Who Was ‘Quietly Enjoying His Dinner’

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Facts Matter

Louisiana AG Takes on Federal Government and Big Tech in Censorship Lawsuit | Facts Matter

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American Thought Leaders

PREMIERING 8/16 7:30PM ET: Victor Davis Hanson: FBI Should Be Broken Up, Agents Moved to Other Departments

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Biden’s not holding back…He’s warned you that he plans to raise:

  • Income taxes
  • Death taxes
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Corporate taxes

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Conrad Black
Is This the Time to Try to End the War?
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Roger L. Simon
After Rushdie Attack, Anyone Who Wants to Continue Iran Nuclear Deal Should Have Their Head Examined
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