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Jose Nino’s Digest: August 12, 2022 Chinese Diplomat Claims NATO is Expanding Eastward, and more

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Chinese Diplomat Claims NATO is Expanding Eastward

As if causing chaos in Ukraine wasn’t enough, the United State’s pivot to Asia is likely laying the groundwork for the next major security crisis on the international stage. Following Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week, there has been rampant…

Aug 12, 2022Big League Politics

US Government Reveals that It’s Providing Ukraine With Previously Unannounced Missiles

The United States military has recently admitted to the delivery of American anti-radar missiles to Ukraine. According to Press TV, these missiles are part of a plan “to facilitate the targeting of Russian radar systems by Ukrainian warplanes.” The…

Aug 12, 2022Big League Politics

Bank CEO Puts Forward Personal Carbon Wallets

Barbara Baarsma, the CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank, has recently advocated for the creation of carbon wallets that grant individual citizens “emission rights” and enable wealthier citizens to purchase emission rights from individuals who can’t afford air…

Aug 11, 2022Big League Politics

Paul Gosar Wants a Complete Moratorium on Foreign Aid

Since Russia launched its special military operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the United States government and its satrapies across Europe have poured profuse amounts of military and economic aid into Ukraine. The purpose of this aid is to…

Aug 11, 2022Big League Politics

Corporate Titans are Supporting College Affirmative Action Policies

Several big companies have called on the Supreme Court to validate the use of anti-white college admissions policies. The corporate titans argued that more diversity in universities nationwide will lead to heightened economic innovation and business…

Aug 11, 2022Big League Politics

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