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America This Week: August 8-14, 2022 A historic search warrant SNAFU, Covid corruption, journalists strike, more

Clockwise from top left: the best shrew on Getty; Merrick Garland menaced by fourth-dimensional being; grasshopper tacos; Mayashi Son dissembling; Trumpbo III protesters; drone-eye view of Mormon church

Editor’s note: the introductory audio recap of “America This Week” with Matt Taibbi and Walter Kirn will be coming out presently, so please watch your TK feed for its release.

Welcome to America This Week, the national news wrap-up so true, we recommend you stow all sharp objects before reading. This week: history’s most important (and fiercely disputed) search warrant, more Covid ripoffs, heightened Sino-American tensions, more evidence that affluent nations have forgotten how babies are made, locusts, bug-eating, other signs of the apocalypse, and more.

The lead stories:

Trump Home Raided Unless you spent the week in a disabled submarine at crush depth, you already know the Mar-a-Lago home of Donald John Trump was raided by the FBI Monday, reportedly over mishandling of classified material. Trump is the target of at least five inquiries now, with New York State investigating his businesses for possible fraud, Georgia probing election interference, federal investigators questioning witnesses in alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and congress similarly investigating his role in the January 6th “insurrection.” The week saw an extreme paucity of official explanation for the historically massive raid story. The White House claimed Joe Biden was “not aware of this,” while Attorney General Merrick Garland kept schtum until Thursday, only saying “I personally approved the decision” after even the administration-friendly New Yorker said “silence is not an option.” Outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post that dependably communicate official attitudes began sticking the raid below the fold, the pretext reduced in the Times to a half-sentence: “An investigation into sensitive material that he took when he left the White House.” (Note the absence of the word “classified”). The blackout has Republicans chirping the archive issue was pretext for a wider search (which took nine hours and reached into Melania Trump’s wardrobe) for evidence implicating Trump in more serious charges related to January 6th. The next step? Publication of the warrant, which Trump said he supported “immediate release of” after Garland’s presser. A crazy, unclear, queerly reported tale of enormous import.


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