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Daily News: August 9, 2022 The Week-The FBI searched Mar-a-Lago. What’s next?

Joel  Mathis
The FBI searched Mar-a-Lago. What’s next?
Grayson  Quay
Are Republicans coming for no-fault divorce?
Peter  Weber
Mar-a-Lago raid reportedly tied to handling of classified docs
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Joel  Mathis
What the Inflation Reduction Act will actually accomplish
Grayson  Quay
The Anglican compromise on same-sex marriage
Peter  Weber
‘Defund the FBI!’ Trump allies not happy with Mar-a-Lago raid
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Catherine  Garcia
As many as 80,000 Russian troops killed, injured in Ukraine
Kelsee  Majette
Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake dead at 84
Photos of Trump’s alleged document-flushing habit shared with Axios
Brigid Kennedy
Report: Georgia runoff could decide control of the Senate for the 2nd consecutive time
Grayson Quay
Israel, Islamic Jihad enact cease-fire after deadly weekend of strikes
Peter Weber
America’s crushing teacher shortage
Catherine Garcia
In Trump’s missing texts, an echo of Nixon’s 18 minutes
Joel Mathis
Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake dead at 84
August 9, 2022
Trump reportedly complained his generals weren’t ‘totally loyal’ like ‘the German generals in World War II’
August 9, 2022
‘Defund the FBI!’ Trump allies are not happy with Mar-a-Lago raid.
August 9, 2022
Mar-a-Lago raid was reportedly tied to Trump’s handling and retention of classified documents
August 9, 2022

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