American Decline

Can America Afford to Lead the World?

By Doug Bandow, The American Conservatism

How long can the bankrupt American republic attempt to run the world?

President Joe Biden is the foreign policy equivalent of an alcoholic. He can’t get enough of U.S. meddling around the world. Although he withdrew American forces from the endless Afghan imbroglio, he has taken the U.S. into a dangerous proxy war against Russia, announced that he is prepared to fight China over Taiwan, and threatened Iran with attack.

Where would he get the money necessary to fight so many conflicts? The U.S. is heading toward national bankruptcy. This course was firmly set by President George W. Bush, who went on a spending spree with a GOP Congress. President Barack Obama supported massive expenditures amid the financial crisis. President Donald Trump encouraged Republicans to spend wildly and did little to restrain Democrats after the latter took control, especially after the spread of Covid-19.


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