The Lighthouse Weekly Newsletter: Flashpoints in Ukraine | Recession by Any Other Name | Abolish the Gas Tax

August 2, 2022  •  Weekly Newsletter
Flashpoints of Potential Escalation in the Ukraine War

Ivan Eland (Inside Sources)

From 1788 until World War I, the United States strenuously avoided being dragged into Europe’s conflicts. But no longer. The latest entanglement in Ukraine threatens to get worse, for all sides, if we don’t avoid some key flashpoints. Let’s pray that we do. READ MORE »

War and the Rogue Presidency

Restoring the Republic after Congressional Failure

By Ivan Eland

A Recession by Any Other Name

Phillip W. Magness (Wall Street Journal)

The Biden administration appears to be preparing for a recession—or rather, for news of one. Instead of tackling the underlying economic problems, the White House is playing word games. Remember “transitory” inflation? READ MORE »

Boom and Bust Banking

The Causes and Cures of the Great Recession

Edited by David Beckworth

Time to Eliminate the Federal Gas Tax—and Federal Road Building

James T. Bennett (Washington Times)

Mr. Biden’s federal gas-tax holiday proposal is just a three-month gimmick. Let’s make this holiday permanent. If we do, pickup-drivers in Maine and Montana can stop subsidizing bond traders’ and investment bankers’ train rides from Chappaqua, New York, and Darien, Connecticut, to Wall Street. READ MORE »

Highway Heist

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure and the Way Forward

By James T. Bennett

Why the Fed May Soon Need Treasury Help

Judy Shelton (Wall Street Journal)

The Fed has long boasted of its status as an “independent government agency” that “doesn’t receive funding through the congressional budgetary process.” Then why is the Treasury about to start underwriting the Fed’s operating expenses? READ MORE »
WATCH: The Gold Standard: Prospect & Retrospect
50 Years After the Bretton Woods System

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