Calling All Class Traitors: Resource Generation

By   Center for a Stateless Society

There is a stereotype perpetuated by the political right that anarchists tend to be rich, white kids radicalized by the ‘postmodern neo-Marxists’ that have apparently taken over institutions of cultural production. This is clearly a tactic to strategically simplify and obscure both the complicated relationships between Marxism and postmodernism and the multicultural, working class origins of anarchism. However, there are indeed many anarchists—like myself—who do come from some type of class/wealth privilege. And it is therefore the responsibility of such anarchists to not only participate in standard anarchistic organizing and activism (and in the process work to contribute without centering our voices) but also to put our money where our mouths are and commit to voluntary wealth and land redistribution, mutual aid projects, and immediate reparations to working class BIPOC individuals and organizations. We must become the good kind of class traitors. To do anything less is to make our identification as anarchists a joke.


Categories: Anarchism/Anti-State

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  1. You really think ‘u want a “borderless” society? ‘U ‘ve lost ‘ur mind! That’s just a tip of the iceberg! Better think long ‘n hard about “World Government”. – It means ‘no personal’ anything,,,,,how sad!

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