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Lessons from the 2020 Uprising

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Cameras and Undercover Agents

This article provides a brief overview of some criminal cases from the Portland 2020 uprising, and discusses some lessons that can be learned from them. We try to identify and name snitches, including informants and journalists whose work has helped the state, and describe the tactics used by law enforcement, especially undercover agents. This article is obviously incomplete, and there is far more evidence, cases and stories than we could possibly find ourselves and include here.

Send us any information about snitches in the Portland area, “journalists” who’ve helped the state, or experiences with undercovers: get_stitches [at] riseup [dot] net OR get_stitches [at] protonmail [dot] com.

Since the 2020 uprising, informants in Portland have played a key role in serious protest arrests. At least one snitch is still active in anarchist and “protest” adjacent circles in Portland. Wyatt Dylan Scully, AKA Alaska Scully, AKA Putty, snitched on Sofia Johnson AKA Sofia DeFerrari, who is currently serving time in an Oregon prison for her actions during the uprising.

police communication showing that Wyatt Scully is an informant

Note: We’ve redacted Sofie’s deadname in the legal documents.

Scully and Sofia were both arrested on November 4, 2020, after a rowdy protest in downtown Portland that defied a massive multi-department police occupation involving the deployment of the Oregon National Guard. Sofia, Scully, and several others, were arrested in a parking garage of an office building. They were all charged with trespassing. According to arresting documents, at least one FBI agent, Benjamin A. Jones, was with the group in an undercover capacity in black bloc. Jones claimed that he saw Sofia break at least one window with a hammer, which was recovered by the Portland Police upon her arrest. A second FBI agent testified in the grand jury against Sofia, Ryan C. Hall. All were taken into custody. While in police custody, shortly after midnight, Wyatt Scully told a PPB detective about Sofia’s involvement in other crimes under police investigation. Scully was released the next morning and the county declined to pursue charges. Sofia, who had given a name and birth date that didn’t match her legal info, was held in jail.

Supporters of Sofia Johnson, who is serving out a 90 month sentence at the Coffee Creek prison, have launched a website that hosts writings from Sofia, updates on her status, and ways to donate to her. We strongly encourage folks to send money to Sofia through JPay (OR, 23976151), or through the website (we suggest viewing through Tor). If you cannot donate, we recommend that you write a letter to Sofia and other political prisoners mentioned in this article. More details about writing letters to prisoners and upcoming events can be found at the bottom of this article.

We are aware that Wyatt Dylan Scully AKA Alaska Scully AKA Putty, has been continuing to show up at protests as recently as July 2022. Snitches like Scully should not be allowed in any anarchist spaces, as they pose an immediate danger to anyone around them. We are aware of allegations that have been posted to social media detailing an abusive relationship that Sofia was in prior to their arrest(s), but we do not believe that those allegations mean that we should abandon anyone currently being tortured by the prison system.

photos of Wyatt Scully

FBI agents have been working undercover at Portland protests and assisting with investigations into protest-related crimes. Pairs or groups of FBI agents in black bloc will tag along at protests until people start to get rowdy, then they will follow a person or crew that they saw commit a crime. We know of multiple arrests where an undercover FBI agent followed people away from a protest, in some situations even after folks have de-bloced or changed clothes, and communicated their location to local police so they can make the arrest. On the election night protests where Sofia was arrested, another person was also tailed by an FBI agent in black bloc and arrested.


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